Peggy's Home Care

Compassion, Kindness

Integrity, Respect

It was not easy for me to have strangers help me in my home, as I have always done all my own housework and cared for my husband and myself. Peggy’s Home Care workers were so confident and helpful and soon put me at ease. They were prompt, efficient and caring and I appreciate all they did to help me when I returned home from my stay in the hospital. I can’t say which caregiver was my favorite because they each did such a good job. Thank you for providing this important service for those of us who need it. I would recommend PHC to anyone who might need their service.
~Daisy Harner

Peggy’s Home Care provides excellent, tailored service to my clients who have needed home care.  This includes all levels of care and ranges from part time to round-the-clock.  The caregivers are professional and, at the same time, kind and considerate.  As an estate-planning lawyer with clients who go through the transition from complete independence to complete dependence, Peggy and her staff have uniformly and timely provided just what was needed for each client.  I endorse Peggy’s Home Care as an excellent provider of home care services.
~Barry Harrow

I must say that we were very blessed to have had Peggy’s Home Care agency on board for the last months of my mother’s life. Both Peggy and her daughter, Sadie, were so empathetic and nurturing to my family that I will always be indebted to them. It was a privilege to have worked with them. They will always be my very special angels.
~Carla Heric

I cannot thank Peggy’s Home Care enough for the excellent care that was provided to my mother after her stroke.  She didn't need medical care as such, but needed some general help just getting through her day.  Peggy’s Home Care responded immediately to my call for help and everyone in the company was a godsend as far as I'm concerned.  Their flexibility and general problem solving skills were invaluable.  This was a completely unexpected, unknown area for me and while I pride myself on my ability to take care of stuff, when my beloved mother was ill, I was not really up to the task.  Being able to put both of us in their very capable hands allowed me to rest and get some perspective, and allowed her to stay in her own home, which is where she wanted to be.  Peggy’s Home Care was ALWAYS available to answer any questions I had, day or night, and especially the evening mom was so ill. Sadie, Peggy’s daughter, did not hesitate to drop what she was doing to physically come to my aid at mom's house and help me figure out what to do next.  I am eternally grateful and highly recommend Peggy's Home Care to anyone. It brings tears to my eyes right now to think of how they helped me with whatever I needed through that very difficult time. 
~Margo Fuselier  

Peggy’s Home Care is a true blessing! I’ve enjoyed the people who have helped me and now I don’t feel alone! I know you are there and it’s more than meets the eye!
~Margo McFarland